Thursday 26th January
Webcam will be cleaned and re-positioned within the next few days.
Wednesday 4th January 2017
I have not been able to get time to get up on the roof to re-position the webcam and the pier cam cable needs checking which requires the whole lot taking down. Certainly a day for when the weather is good and I am feeling fit which rarely happen together of late.
Will be unavailable for doing any work on the hardware for at least two weeks but some changes in the near future should make it far easier for installing remote webcams.
I was going to make a list of 'jobs to do' but I reckon folk would get fed up of scrolling down a rather long page.

30th December 2016
Webcam 2 is now working but still needs both cleaning and pointing in the right direction.

28th December 2016
There has been a lot happening and I have been too occupied with other things and unable to get round to doing anything with the website but things should start to get better.

I need to do a good bit of physical work to get the webcams back online but should have at least one working sometime in January. Too cold and windy for working on the workshop roof and the TV aerial needs fixing which I am sure the kids will say needs to have priority.