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Graemsay is in the Western approaches to 'Scapa Flow' lying between Stromness on Orkney mainland and the North end of Hoy

There are two lighthouses, Hoy High to the East and Hoy Low to the West.
Both were built & designed by Alan Stevenson of the famous lighthouse engineering family and were commissioned in 1851

The current population is around 24 permanent residents including six children

Parts of the island are largely undeveloped and are a haven for many wild plants.

The islands school was closed in 1996 and the islands six children of school age travel daily by boat to attend classes in Stromness,.

Most of the island is on mains water piped from the island of Hoy though some still have private piped spring water

There are no shops on the island apart from the post office which opens two hours per day on just three days per week from 07:30 to 09:30

Mail is collected and delivered on a daily basis, six days per week.

Shopping can be ordered by phone with some mainland shops delivering to the cargo boat, though most folk go over to do a large shop every week or so.
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